Bosch HMD200 Daredevil™ Hole Saw Delivers Up to 10x Speed for Drilling in Multi-Materials

Bosch HMD200 Daredevil™ Hole Saw Delivers Up to 10x Speed for Drilling in Multi-Materials

Bosch premium carbide teeth, thin-kerf design and deeper cup provide fast, high-quality holes on the jobsite

Las Vegas, Nev., Feb. 3, 2015 – The Bosch HMD200 Daredevil™ Hole Saw offers greater speed and lasts longer while delivering excellent hole quality and extra deep cuts. Thanks to optimized Bosch premium carbide teeth, a deeper cup (2-3/8”) and an extra-large gullet design, this hole saw cuts through multiple materials: wood, thin aluminum, fiberboard, PVC, tile, concrete block and stacked materials. That means the Daredevil is really seven hole saws in one.

The Daredevil hole saw is up to 10x faster1 and carbide helps it last  longer than a standard bi-metal hole saw in wood, drywall and concrete block applications. Cup depth is 50 percent greater than standard hole saws. Plumbers, general contractors, residential builders, remodelers and electricians will find the Daredevil hole saw the right accessory for drilling holes in stacked materials to run pipes and conduit, mainly in residential and light commercial construction applications. The deeper cup offers the user greater versatility and makes the job easier, start to finish

“The Bosch Daredevil Hole Saw gets the job done faster, lasts longer and drills in more materials than other hole saws,” said Jared Schmidt, product manager, hole saws and oscillating tool blades, BOSCH POWER TOOLS. “Our customers wanted a hole saw that is faster and lasts longer, especially in wood. That’s what we delivered with this premium Daredevil product, which also solves the common problem of drilling in multiple materials.”

The combination of Bosch premium carbide teeth, extra-large gullets and a deep cup design allows the hole saw to cut through materials faster, including typical applications in wood and drywall. Standard bi-metal hole saws tend to work slower in wood and have limited life.

1 Bosch testing, Daredevil hole saw vs bimetal hole saw in ¾” plywood

The Bosch Daredevil Hole Saw delivers better drilling accuracy and better hole quality, plus easy plug removal. A universal multi-purpose arbor makes for fewer pilot bit changes and a quicker job because it now fits all popular brands and cup sizes. And ¼" hex pilot bits are optimized for material drilled e.g., high-speed steel bit for wood and metal; abrasive tip bit for multi-materials.

To be considered a Bosch Daredevil product, a power tool accessory must be best-in-class for speed, life or ease of use. The Bosch Daredevil Hole Saw offers best speed.  Hole saw applications include holes for pipes between floors in both residential and commercial projects.

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Pilot Bit




Bosch HMD200 Daredevil Hole Saw

Cup 2-3/8" depth

¼“ hex

Wood, thin aluminum, fiberboard, PVC, tile, concrete block and stacked materials

Carbide teeth, extra-large gullets

US: $23.99

list price

Canada: $29.99

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