Bosch® Introduces Two Starlock™ Oscillating Multi-Tools That Deliver New Level of Power and Versatility for Professional Users

Bosch® Introduces Two Starlock™ Oscillating Multi-Tools That Deliver New Level of Power and Versatility for Professional Users

StarlockPLUS and StarlockMAX tools feature three-dimensional interface system, sets high bar for power transmission, precision and overall performance 

Mt. Prospect, Ill., June 7, 2016 – The power tool market’s search for professional oscillating multi-tools that deliver on the promise of maximum power transmission and quick accessory changeout is realized in the Bosch® Starlock™ family of oscillating multi-tools and accessories. To meet user demand for more aggressive accessories and a larger contact surface for faster work, a reimagined interface system paired with corresponding oscillating multi-tool power is the answer.

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The Starlock oscillating tool interface system is built around an innovative three-dimensional interface created for high torque transfer and superior performance in the most challenging applications. The interface system was jointly developed by oscillating tool market leaders Bosch® and Fein®. In addition, the life of each Starlock oscillating tool model is maximized by allowing it to accept only the accessories that are suited for it.

 “The Starlock system represents a quantum leap in technology for oscillating tool users,” said Jim Stevens, oscillating tool product manager, BOSCH POWER TOOLS. “The global Bosch team worked with users from an array of trades that is as diverse as the range of oscillating tool accessories. We worked to develop a system that’s easier to use and delivers maximum power transmission with tool options that can be tailored to individual professional needs. Accessory changes are tool-free and don’t require the user to even touch the accessory. Every aspect of this product line is focused on the user.”

GOP40-30 StarlockPLUS Oscillating Multi-Tool for Heavy-Duty Applications

The GOP40-30 oscillating multi-tool is the heavy-duty option in the Bosch line up. These tools feature all of the advantages of the Starlock interface system, including snap-in toolless accessory attachment and no-touch blade change with auto-ejection that allows changeout in as little as three seconds. The GOP40-30 accepts standard Starlock and StarlockPLUS heavy-duty accessory ranges.

The Bosch StarlockPLUS oscillating multi-tool GOP40-30 offers 4.0 amp power with reinforced metal gearing for optimal force transmission. Its three-degree oscillating arc makes for better accessory utilization and increased productivity, and an ergonomic design with small grip diameter aids user comfort. And the tool weighs in at only 3.3 lbs.

The Bosch GOP 40-30 oscillating multi-tool also features the advantages of Bosch Constant Response circuitry that maintains speed under load, variable speed preselect, an easy-to-use on/off slide switch and LED lighting.

GOP55-36 StarlockMAX Oscillating Multi-Tool for Extreme-Duty Industrial Applications

The GOP55-36 is the top-end, industrial-grade tool in the Bosch oscillating tool line. With a powerful 5.5 amp rating, reinforced metal gearing and a large 3.6-degree oscillating arc, this is the most powerful tool in the Bosch Starlock tool line. The GOP55-36 accepts all Starlock-family accessory ranges: standard Starlock, StarlockPLUS and StarlockMAX extreme-duty blades.

The tool features small grip diameter for greater comfort and weighs only 3.5 lbs. It also includes snap-in toolless accessory attachment and no-touch blade change with auto-ejection.

Bosch GOP55-36 oscillating multi-tool design features a metal front that protects the tool when plunging into materials with abrasive surfaces, Bosch Constant Response circuitry, variable speed preselect and on/off slide switch.

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